FA Level 2 Drills

Please note that these drills are an extension to the learning environment and knowledge that candidates will pick up by enrolling on an FA Level 2 Course.  It does not in any way, shape or form replace the course, it is purely a tutorial aid to run alongside the course to assist prospective Level 2 coaches.

The FA Level 2 Football Coaching Course is one of the ways coaches can progress up the FA coaching pathway. Normally, coaches will have completed their Level 1 Course. However, this is not mandatory dependent on either the coach's previous experience, both as a coach and player. The course comprises of 75 hours theory and practical with a 35 minute practical assessment at the end of the course. The sessions are broken down into three main parts:

Part 1 - Technical Practice - this is unopposed i.e. no opposition lasting 10 minutes

Part 2 - Skill Practice - this is opposed i.e. some form of opposition (even if heavily outnumbered) lasting 10 minutes

Part 3 - Game Related Practice - this is a small sided 4 v 4 game (not including the goalkeepers) lasting 15 minutes

Level 2 Session Topics

  • Creating/exploiting space - 3 sessions for creating space & movement for individuals & teams both with & without the ball
  • Short Range Passing Selection - 3 sessions looking at retaining or risking possession
  • Long Range Passing Selection - 3 sessions looking at the above but this time with the driven, lofted & swerved pass
  • Support Play - 3 sessions concentrating on movement in advance & behind, angles, distances & timings of runs
  • Ball Control & Receiving Priorities - 3 sessions working the players using different surfaces to control the ball whilst also looking at where to receive it (beyond opponent, in front & facing opponent, in front with back to opponent)
  • Running with the ball - 3 sessions coaching the players to recognise opportunities to run the ball (spacial awareness) with their heads up, quickly & effectively with their leading foot
  • Dribbling - 3 sessions looking at developing dribbling skills in realistic tight areas encouraging close control, feinting/dummies, change of pace and acceleration
  • Turning - 3 sessions developing turning situations in tight areas with no touch turns, 1 touch turns & multiple touch turns
  • Close Range Shooting - 3 sessions looking at basic shooting, clever shooting & quick adjustments (reaction) shooting from various different angles
  • Long Range Shooting - 3 sessions that take you through the various techniques of the driven, lofted (chipped) & swerved long range shot, dependant on the gk's starting position
  • Defending - 3 sessions taking you through individual defending (1v1s) into defending as a unit (2v2s, 3v3s etc) looking at starting positions, angles, distances, balance, cover & support
  • Defensive Heading - 3 sessions that develop powerful defensive headers, glanced clearances & cushioned headers to team mates to regain possession
  • Attacking Heading - 3 sessions building up from unopposed to 1v1s, 2v2s through to 4v4s concentrating on orthodox headers, flicked/glancing headers & diving headers

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